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In the cellar

The wine making process is focused on the balance between fesh and elegant

versus intensity and aging capacity

Minimal intervention 

Our use of modern cellar technology is carefully limited to ensuring we can express the highest quality of the grapes grown in harmony with nature. Both in the vineyard and in the cellar we don't work on a "premeditated formula" but rather on what is presented by each season/harvest.



We work exclusively on very small batches/cuvè with the ambition to add more complexity to our wines. Using different techniques and materials in the winemaking process is part of a constant research.

The delicate finings 

Specific woods for each variety are preserving their characteristics with total respect for their identity. The aging of the wine in oak barrels is a key step: the barrels help to purify the wine, develop its aromas and complete its structure by the contribution of external tannins.

Tonnellerie l'Adour

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