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A work in progress.

After ten years of hard work, we are finally proud to present our wines: the finest result of this great adventure.


Our adventure started in 2005. Ten years of work to restore the old olive trees, to plant the vineyards and build the winery transforming an abandoned estate into a little gem of Maremma with a great potential for the future.

Years during which we defined our mission: limited production of top quality organic wines.


We are proud to finally present, the results of this great adventure: our wines (our first harvest was 2014).

The Three reds Maremma Toscana DOC the Vermentino and the Rosè, are the result of very low yields with a total production of about 10,000 bottles. 



Wa are currently planting more vines; our goal for the future is to slowly grow our production up to 25.000 bottles.

Alessandro Gobbetti

Pietro Gobbetti

Achille Marodin

Francesco Petacco

Nello Bodoi

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